Oxygen/Acetylene or Oxygen/Propane Trolley With Central Eye For Lifting With Overhead Crane

Oxy and Acet Single Cylinder Lifting Trolley

Product ID: CT51-3OA1CLE (Oxygen/Acetylene)
Product ID: CT52-3OP1CLE (Oxygen/Propane)

Oxy-Acetylene trolley with central lifting eye for lifting with an overhead crane. Extra strong tubular and solid bar construction.The cylinders are held in place with ratchet straps.Certified to 1 tonne capacity. Fitted with 2 times 200mm solid tyre wheels with steel centres as standard. This trolley is issued with a Mill Test Certificate.

Dimensions O/A

H: 1700mm
W: 740mm
D: 650mm

Weight: 43kg

Wheel Options
200mm Steel Centred Solid Tyre (Included As Standard)
250mm Pneumatic Tyre (+£13.50)
400mm Steel Centred Solid Tyre (+£35.00)
400mm Pneumatic Tyre (+£22.50)

Price : £719.00

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