Cylinder Wall Bracket

Cylinder Wall Brackets

Product ID: CSB10-SC200

Cylinder wall brackets to suit a wide range of gas cylinders. These racks must be fixed to the wall at a height of at least two-thirds of cylinder height.

It comes as standard with link retention chains and pre-drilled fixing holes for bolting to the wall. The racks can hold either two or three cylinders.

The product can also be made bespoke to suit all cylinder sizes.

O/A Dimensions

Width: 538mm (for the two bay) 765mm (for the three bay)
Depth: 155mm (this is based on the cylinder size being between 100-180mm dia)
Width: 765mm (for the two bay option) 1045mm (for the three bay option). Depth: 195mm (this is based on the cylinder sizes being between 140mm-270mm dia).

Price From : £320

Delivery Information

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