6 Cylinder Lifting Stand

6 Cylinder Lifting Stand

Product ID: CLH28-SC6230 (oxy/acetylene)
Product ID: CLH29-FS6LOP1 (oxy/propane)

Free standing cylinder-lifting stand to hold 6 large oxy/acetylene or oxy/propane cylinders (230 mm to 286 mm Dia cylinders). This stand has two lifting points for attaching chains or straps, to enable moving with use of a crane. The cylinders are retained with ratchet straps for extra safety.

Dimensions O/A

D: 605mm
H: 1950mm
W: 895mm

Weight: 65.2kg
Load Capacity: 500kg

Oxygen Cylinder Code: J
Acetylene Cylinder Code: H

Price From : £980.00

Delivery Information

If this cage doesn't meet your requirements we will manufacture any size of cage to your specifications.