Secure Storage Cages

Secure Storage Cages

UK manufactured secure & cylinder storage cages

Our unique flexible modular cage system means that our cages can be expanded at any time by adding more panels.

These cages can be fitted with cylinder securing brackets (Please telephone our sales team for advice on bracket combination and the number of cylinders that can be stored in each cage)

Our storage cages can also be used as a secure storage cage to protect your valuables.

Secure Storage Cages

PS100 Zinc plated finish for external and internal use

Every cage comes with a 1m wide lockable door as standard; double doors are an optional extra. All cages have a mesh roof as standard.

Optional extra solid sloping roof or aluminium checker plate base.

Fully welded box section panels with 2" x 2" x10 gauge welded mesh in-fill.

All storage cages come as a palletised flat pack with easy bolt together panels and ground fixing points.

Secure Storage Cages

Fixings and padlock are included.

National cage installation quotes on request

Cage Sizes

SC02-SC1 (1000x1050x2075mm) - £820.00 +£115.00 +£125.00
SC03-SC2 (2050x1000x2075mm) - £920.00 +£155.00 +£185.00
SC04-SC3 (2000x2050x2075mm) - £1,500.00 +£300.00 +£260.00
SC05-SC6 (3000x2050x2075mm) - £1,900.00 +£425.00 +£385.00
SC06-SC5 (4000x2050x2075mm) - £2,250.00 +£600.00 +£500.00
SC13-SC12 (5000x2050x2075mm) - £2,750.00 +£720.00 +£610.00
SC14-SC13 (6000x2050x2075mm) - £3,250.00 +£845.00 +£780.00
SC15-SC14 (7000x2050x2075mm) - £3,400.00 +£880.00 +£820.00
SC16-SC15 (8000x2050x2075mm) - £3,900.00 +£950.00 +£1,100.00

Double Locking Doors( 2000mm + Cages Only) (+£500.00)

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