1100 L Auto Release Tipping Skip

1100 L Auto Release Tipping Skip

Product ID: ARTS1100L

Auto release tipping containers are the industry’s best tool for waste sorting, waste and material handling.

Designed, reinforced and powder coated to provide maximum safety and service life. Spring pressure plate on the base frame for automatic emptying.

Our auto tipping skips have reinforcements in the right places in order to deal with rough truck handling. Corner reinforcements raise the stiffness of the containers. Reinforced fork channels. The stop lug is well dimensioned in order to deal with the forces it can be exposed to.

O/A dimensions:

Volume cubic: 1.1
Volume Litre: 1030
Length mm: 1700
Width mm: 1215
Height mm: 1045
Weight kg: 157
Capacity kg: 2000

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